Five Twitter Tips

In honor of Twitter’s debut on the New York Stock Exchange, PR News Online posted an article on how to maximize Twitter engagement. I thought I would check it out since I am a Twitter newbie and need to enhance my tweeting skills.

The article highlighted five Twitter tips:

  • “Position dialogue around your followers, not your brand”. I totally related to this because I always see brands that I follow, shamelessly promote themselves on Twitter and Facebook. I feel like social media users want to see the authentic side of a brand when they befriend or follow them. They are looking to see a personal side of the company.
  • “If you want your content to be shared, then share others content”. You can’t expect someone to share your posts if you don’t share theirs at times. This will allow your brand on Twitter to spread via word of mouth through social media.
  • “Listen”. I think it is important for brands to use Twitter to answer questions that their customers ask. The other day, my friend mentioned on Twitter that he had no reception anywhere and tagged Sprint in the post. Sprint jumped at the opportunity to post, “I’m sorry, have you tried… blah blah?” Twitter is a way to solve customer’s problems and answer questions about the company.
  • “Your promotional tweets should be carefully targeted to ensure the right audience sees them”. While this strategy is important, it is more crucial to create great content. Having a solid balance of different kind of Tweets is the key. If the company knows who their audience is then they can tailor their tweets and content ar7217055290_e353b608b8_cound what the customers want to see. That way a brands followers are interested and engaged in what the company is saying rather than just following them to find coupon codes.
  • “Make it personal”. Be authentic. People are always interested in seeing a more personal side of a brand, that’s why celebs Twitter handles are so popular. The article claims that it is important to reach out to followers through direct messages, retweeting or commenting.

I will definitely take the five tips into consideration as I begin my Twitter journey. The only other tip that I would throw into the list is to be consistent. That is the number one thing that I struggle with when it comes to social media. I don’t post enough content. I find myself posting very irregularly. The key is to be consistently present in peoples Twitter feeds, that way you become relevant to them.


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